Speciality Coatings Residential Projects

It used to be that insulation for residential projects was just about the "pink stuff” in the attic, but in recent years our industry has become so much more sophisticated. Specialty Coatings can help you to build a quiet, cozy home from the ground up, with state-of-the-art energy saving insulation products.

When a client envisions his or her new home, that vision is steeped in emotions. People equate "home” with warmth, security, and family. While they may not be thinking about insulation, a product hidden in the walls of their home, good insulation really does help homeowners realize their "home” vision.

Specialty Coatings chooses insulation products based on homeowners’ specific requirements. Whether they are concerned about warmth (high R-value), or have environmental concerns, we can help choose the right product.

Considering a home theater, home office, or just a little sound proofing from the kids’ rooms? Specialty Coatings installs acoustic insulation for a more peaceful and relaxed home lifestyle.

Specialty Coatings can also help keep a residence dry and safe from water concerns. We help homeowners address problems caused by water, either by preventing them from the start, or by repairing existing damage.

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