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Specialty Coatings is a certified installer for many suppliers and technologies, enabling us to meet any spec and work seamlessly with other contractors.  Whether you’re looking for fireproofing to protect your investment, high R-value insulation, or an environmentally friendly insulation product, Specialty Coatings can get the job done.
Specialty Coatings places priority on implementing green alternatives to the products and services they provide. Cellulose insulation is non-toxic, renewable, and best of all, possesses very effective insulating properties.
Whether you need us to bid on a large-scale, multi-faceted commercial installation, or you need help with thermal and acoustic insulation for a residential project, we can find the right mix of products for the job.


Whether it’s new construction or a retrofit, Specialty Coatings is highly experienced in fireproofing applications.  We can apply cementitious or spray-on products to meet any code or spec.  We also work with standard-, medium- and high-density products for both internal and external applications.

Specialty Coatings also works safely and fast to keep the overall construction project on-time and on-budget.


Specialty Coatings uses both sheet membranes and spray-on applications for waterproofing projects.  Whether you need cracks or other breaches fixed, or you’re looking to protect the foundation of a new construction project, Specialty Coatings can help.  We will also enhance your water drainage as necessary to divert water away from a home or building.


Most moisture problems are seen as cracks, spots, or leaks in cement.  We can apply products to ensure a tight building before you ever have to discover this kind of problem.  If you know you’re building in a damp area, Specialty Coatings also works on new projects to protect your investment from future water problems.

Acoustic/Thermal insulation

Specialty Coatings works primarily with two key types of acoustic/thermal insulation.  Polyurethane foam is well known for it’s high R-value and ability to penetrate all holes and cracks for a tight building. CelBar is also becoming increasingly popular for its environmentally friendly profile.  This product is made from recycled paper, and also leads to significant energy savings.

Specialty Coatings also works with products that act as a sound dampener.  Whether you are building a commercial concert hall, or if you’d like additional soundproofing in your new home for your office of kids’ playroom, Specialty Coatings has applications that can work for you.

Here are links to some of the companies that supply products to us.

International Cellulose Corporation website
Grace Construction Products

These are some of the quality products we use. Contact Specialty Coatings for more information on other available products..

Protek-13Celbar website

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