Specialty Coatings
Specialty Coatings

Fiberglass Most cost effective of all products on the market.
Not an effective wind barrier.

Easy and fast installation.
Has gaps; does not fill every void and crack.

Available in a varietyof thicknesses and R-values.
Does not provide a vapor barrier.
Rock Wool R23.5 in a nominal 2-foot by 6-foot wall cavity.
Longer installation time required than some insulation.

Meets Vermont's current commercial energy standard.
Does not provide a vapor barrier.

A monolithic product that fills all voids and gaps.
Higher up-front costs.

High STC rating.

Reduces long-term energy costs.

Made of over 60 percent recycled content.

Sheetrock can be installed 24 hours after rock wool installation.

No mold inhibitors (borates) required because it is a natural mineral.


Damp Spray Cellulose A monolithic product that fills all voids and gaps.
Does not provide a vapor barrier.

Over 80 percent recycled content.
Has fire retardants and mold inhibitors added.

Product must fully dry before proceeding with construction.
Spray Foam Highest R-value of any product on the market.
Petroleum-based product.

Provides an air and vapor barrier.
Little recycling content.

A monolithic product that fills all voids and gaps.
Highest upfront costs.

Will create the most energy-efficient building possible.
No other trades may be in the building during installation.

Provides the highest reduction in heating and cooling costs.
If exposed, requires an ignition/thermal barrier.
Blown-in Cellulose Made of 80 percent recycled newspaper.
No real disadvantages.

Lowest up-front cost of all products.

Quick installation process.

Can be installed at any thickness to achieve the desired R-value.

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